Able Business Group
Who We Are
The Able Business Group is a Limited Liability Corporation that is made up of Highly Talented and Supernaturally motivated individuals. We are dedicated to Honor, Education and Service. The Able Business Group has a verity of Ministries and businesses that are all interconnected to create a powerful collective force. 

The Able Business Group was born out of a fiery passion to help people to reach out and live their dreams and goals. We intend to do this by providing Education and Training, Employment, Power and Energy, Clean Drinking Water, Business and Advertising Solution, Utilities Installations, and Construction and Maintenance Services. We want to grow, unite, and strengthen our people and our communities with every aspect of what we do.

 The Able Business Group not only has the ability but also the hunger, fire, and dedication to act on what we know is true, We can, We will, and We are! No one can stop us from our dreams of being a power house of servant hearted men and women, that we call  Our Able Group. With the Able Business Group it truly is all for one and one for all, this is our purpose and this is our call. If you would like more info on the Able Business Group and its ministry and business opportunities please contact us at your earliest convenience      

James Rogers                       
For employment opportunities please contact us