Able Business Group
It is with great pleasure that we have the honor to share with you, Our Able Business Group. Our Able Group, LLC is a Group of businesses that was born out of a deep hunger to Honor GOD, Provide Jobs, Income, and Business Opportunities for Men and Women in our Communities. We strive to serve Men and Women, by helping people reach and achieve their dreams and goals of success and Victory. Our Able Group is an upcoming limited liability Corporation; that now owns a group subsidiary companies. This is our attempt to Build the Hearts of Men and Women by providing the leadership and tools to be successful. Our Motto is to Do it Now and Stay Focused! 
                                   Our Able Group, LLC Subsidiaries Are Listed Below

1. A nonprofit organization dedicated to Honoring God:
2. A Tax, Payroll, and Bookkeeping Company:    
3.A Handyman Service: 
An Employment service:
3. A Pollution Free Alternative Power & Energy Company:
4. Water Well Drilling and Utilities Installations Company:
5. Construction Company:
6. Cleaning Service Company:
7. Website Design Company:
8. A Merchant Service Provider:
9. Advertising Company:
10. A Security Company:
11. An Electronics distributor:
12. A Trucking Company: